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Mayhem on the Mountain 2017 - Teams - August 20th

Price $429.90

Start Time 8:00 am
End Time 5:00 pm

Date August 20, 2017

Mayhem on the Mountain is a fitness competition hosted by Forge Fitness Powered by CrossFit Shades at Oak Mountain State Park. Oak Mountain State Park is the state of Alabama's largest state park and offers a variety of outdoor activities including biking and hiking trails, golf and swimming in the lake. With combined elements of functional fitness, gymnastics, olympic lifting, and the outdoors, Mayhem on the Mountain is guaranteed to be a blast! We hope you will join us in competing as an individual or on a team in Mayhem on the Mountain! Team Divisions will be: All Men’s Rx All Women’s Rx Coed Rx (must be two male and two female athletes per team) All Men’s Scaled All Women’s Scaled Coed Scaled (must be two male and two female athletes per team) Individual Athletes/Teams will compete in three (3) workouts. The top athletes in each division will do a fourth Championship workout, to be announced. TEAM WOD 1 PART A: IN A 10 MINUTE WINDOW EACH MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM WILL NEED TO ESTABLISH A 1 REP MAX: 1 DEADLIFT, 1 SQUAT CLEAN, 1 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD (MUST BE TOUCH AND GO). EACH TEAM WILL HAVE 2 BARBELLS AND TWO ATHLETES CAN LIFT AT A TIME. AT THE 10 MINUTE MARK YOU WILL HAVE 1 MINUTE TO STRIP YOUR BAR AND LOAD IT FOR PART B. PART B: ATHLETE A AND B WILL HAVE 1 BARBELL AND ATHLETES C AND D WILL HAVE 1 BARBELL. EACH SET OF PARTNERS WILL THEN COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: E2MOM(EVERY 2 MINUTES ON THE MINUTE) MINUTE 0-2: 10 DEADLIFTS, 10 SQUAT CLEANS, 10 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD MINUTE 2-4: 12 DEADLIFTS, 12 SQUAT CLEANS, 12 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD MINUTE 4-6: 14 DEADLIFTS, 14 SQUAT CLEANS, 14 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD........... COMPLETE THIS SEQUENCE UNTIL THE 16TH MINUTE MARK. IF ONE SET OF PARTNERS FAIL TO COMPLETE THE REPS REQUIRED WITHIN THE 2 MINUTES, THE ENTIRE TEAM'S WORKOUT IS NOW OVER. PARTNERS CAN PARTITION REPS ANYWAY NEEDED. SCORE WILL BE ROUNDS AND REPS. RX:115/80 SCALED: 95/65 *PART A AND B ARE 2 SEPARATE SCORES. TEAM WOD 2 For Time: Partners A and B run 250m Partners C and D swim 50m 60 Dumbbell Snatches* 50m Yoke (1 athlete) and atlas stone carry (1 athlete) 60 atlas stone over shoulder* 50m yoke (1 athlete) and atlas stone carry (1 athlete) 60 dumbbell snatches* Partners A and B run 250m Partners C and D swim 50m All teammates return to mat and time is called RX: Yoke 275/185, Stone 95/65, Dumbbell 50/35 Scaled: yoke 185/135, stone 65/50, dumbbell 35/25 *1 athlete must perform a static yoke hold and 1 athlete must perform a static stone hold for reps to count. (stone must be held at midsection) only 1 athlete is resting ** Teammates can switch positions as needed.

Oak Mountain State Park
200 Terrace Drive
Pelham, Alabama
United States

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